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Wellington Aviation Museum

Some years ago Gerry Tyack opened his small museum dedicated to all those who served or who passed through RAF Moreton-in-Marsh, on one of the many training courses for RAF bomber command. Though the airfield is now a fire training station Gerry keeps the memory of the base alive in the museum with his vast range of artifacts from the war years and beyond. Gerry was also successful in getting the memorial plaque errected outside the old entrance a few years ago.

As you pull up outside the museum you will see propellers and wheels from the aircraft most used at Moreton-in-Marsh, the Vickers-Armstrong Wellington, there is also a casing for the 4000lb bombs dropped by the aircraft, around the back in his garden there is the whole tail section of one aircraft, showing the famous Barnes Wallis designed geodetic structure which made the aircraft so strong and easy to repair.

RAF Moreton-in-Marsh was one of many flight training stations and large numbers of crews passed through, Gerry has an interest in contacting anyone who recalls times at the station and has numerous books and paintings signed by past personnel, many of the items are donated to the museum from families of, or people stationed there.

The museum has numerous wonderful prints for sale including a view of the market square in Moreton on Normandy Embarkation day in 1944.

These prints are available for only 15.00 and are well worth the money.

Entrance fee:- 2.50

pening times :-
Open every Sunday until November 10am - 4pm

For further information, please telephone:
(01608) 812387